Friday, 13 October 2017

Synergy Newcast

I have been lucky enough to be selected by SetBC to take part in a classroom project.  Our class goal is to create a newscast for our school.  It is something that I have thought of in the past but just needed a little push and some of the technology to make it happen.  SetBC is able  to provide a lot of the technology that will help out and we will be doing group discussions throughout the year.
  Most of the summer this project was in the back of my mind and how I could do it and make it meaningful for the class.  The great thing was when I told my class about it most of the students were genuinely excited and are offering ways to help, which is a great start!  Next my team of teachers put in place time in our schedule so that we can involve as many students as possible.  In the coming week the class will be brainstorming the types of news items we would like to produce and begin to find our tech team that can help with filming, lighting, and editing.  There are so many positive aspects to this year long project and I am looking forward see how it will develop as we go.  Giving a lot of the power to the students will be an important piece.  This blog will transform for time being as I document how things are going.

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