Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Designing a hotel Update - Middle school math project

Working on projects with students is always a lot of fun but you  have to be prepared to change things as you go.  The class that I am working with is doing the Design a Hotel project that I posted.  As I stated in that post that this is a new project for me and so I have already come across some difficulty.  I updated that post already but want to make a new post so that anyone who has already looked at it will get the update.

We originally told the students that they would be making a 3D model of the hotel and I was really excited by the prospect of what this would look like.  Unfortunately after working with my students I found that the idea of this limited their creativity.  The prospect of building became overwhelming for them and they were deciding to make their ideas simple so that they could easily build it.  So instead we decided to take that part away (actually made it optional or some students are making a 3D rendering on the computer instead) and the ideas of what could be in this hotel exploded.   We also gave the students a chance to work with a partner after they generated their original ideas and the project has become that much better.  Here is the new updated sheet I gave them so that they could split the work evenly.

Checklist for Las Vegas Hotel


Name of hotel: ___________________                                        Theme of Hotel:  __________________

These are elements that you must put into or around the hotel.  You and your partner will need to put these elements on the two floors.   You are responsible for: 

Gaming Area                                                                                                      Storage space

Lobby                                                                                                                    Kids play area

Restaurants                                                                                                        Shopping/ Souvenirs

Employee lounge                                                                                             Waiting area

Lounge / Entertainment                                                                                               Swimming pool / gym

Computer / business                                                                                      Elevators

Banquet hall                                                                                                       Welcome Desk

Front view of the hotel that shows the theme                                                  



Each partner must also add


At least 2 extra items per floor that you think will attract people to your hotel.

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________


A game that will be interesting and have probability as its basis. (Throwing darts at a balloon would be more skill based)

Name of Game: ___________________________________________________

The first floor plans are coming in.  Here is the floor plan with a Simpsons  theme.
Here is another group who had a cake themed hotel so they of course made an actual 3D model out of cake.

More to come!

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