Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Starting with Green screen

The Synergy project is continuing and the class is really starting to get their heads around the idea of news stories in our school.  One item that has been intriguing for them is the green screen.  I have it open in my classroom all the time because I can't figure out how to fold it up  so the kids see it all day long.  It has also lead to many other kids in the school asking questions about it.  So as we continue to learn about how to make news stories I decided to let the kids play.  I gave them the iPads and showed a couple of kids how to use the DoInk Green Screen app.  I really only showed them the basics and let them go.  The students spent the next 45 minutes just setting up scenes and having fun with the screen and the app.  The scenes were very simple but it led to a lot of learning how to use the different technology in the class.  Next up we will be working on practicing interviews so the newscasts can change from fun to more sophiticated.

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