Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Newscasting ups and downs

We are back at it in the new year with a strong focus on getting the newscasting started.  Good news is our VP has come by with lots of great ideas for stories or ways we can get a message across to our school.  Within the class we have started practice interviews so that we can learn how to use the Ipads to film and edit.  I started using Airserver to try to screencast the Ipad to the projector but am learning that these types of programs are not consistent.  I had it working perfectly every day until the day I needed it and of course it wouldn't connect.  Trouble shooting is not fun in front of 26 students so I had to find other things for students to do.  Hopefully on the next post I can put in the mock interviews and the story ideas for our upcoming Newscast.

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