Monday, 2 April 2018

First News Stories

Spring Break came a little too quickly in my class.  Things go fast during the school year and with these news stories time seems to fly by.  The students and myself have learned alot during this process and the growth continues.  I had the students turn in their first news stories.  After reviewing them I noticed that they generally needed more editing.  As the teacher, I thought that I had given them most of the tools to be successful.  We had covered what news stories look like. I had created an example for them to follow.  We went over specific skills and practiced filming.   Once the news stories were turned in there was a lack of organization within the story.  Generally they had no beginning, middle and end.  Most teams had to go back and create an introduction and ending to the story.  Some groups had to go back and redo the middle of the story because they didn't tell a story but just spoke of random things or just interviewed people with no context. 

As you can see from this video that the students were asked to go and learn about what has happening in a different classroom where they were studying Pandemics.  They were suggested to go and talk to students in the class but also show what they worked on.  Instead they basically just interviewed a few students and didn't really capture the ideas in of the projects in the class.

Every group ended up needing to work on the news story a little more.  After the break we will review the news stories so we can all learn and make any follow up news stories that much stronger.

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