Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Youtube and new groups

With the first stories done I wanted to have the students look at all videos that were done and then write a reflection.  The one problem I had was finding an easy way to show the videos.  Enter Youtube!!  I found connecting the IPad a little too cumbersome and the Airserver that I had been using has been blocked in our school and I can't connect through that anymore so I went to my Youtube account that I had started many years ago and had forgotten about.  Now here is my attempt to link them to this page:

Our last step will be to put all these stories together to make one news cast with a couple of hosts.

This has led to new groups and new stories.  After watching and looking at the feedback from my class I have decided to make the groups a little smaller.  The groups of 5 students made it difficult for everyone to feel involved.  So we will be trying groups of 4 where each student gets to pick a partner and then I put the groups together.  I will also be working with a small group of students to be my hosts of the news show and hopefully bring life to each story.

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